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The Quiet Monk Her Quiet Moments Quiet Time  
18x16 inches oil on panel 34x36 inches oil on linen 28x32 inches oil on linen
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The Red Scarf Dreaming of Cowboys    
36x30 inches oil on linen 15x19 inches oil on panel
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The ballerina is a physical and symbolic representation of the elegance, royalty and beauty of the act of painting itself. She ties her flats in and out in loops as the paint loops in and out of color and line as objects form into recognition. The ballerina loops in and out of lines in dance until the performance is at its peak into a place of emotional recognition. She sits and prepares to dance as the oil painter sits and prepares to paint slowly opening each paint tube gracefully weaving paint to brush to canvas as the ballerina weaves her own painting via her plie and grace upon a stage. Even if no one watches she still dances as the painting although no one seeing it, still lives in color and beauty. As we view the painting we can see the dance begin through the ballerina tying her flats, but if we look closer up to the painting we can see the dance of the brushstrokes around each curve in a ballet of their own as the painting unfolds, the dance carries onward. The Ballerina Dances the Figure artists paint figure paintings and life is good.


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Daniel Edmondson American Contemporary Traditional Realist painter in an elegant old master style.

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